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Wood burning stove

wood burning stove

One way to get a cheaper rental is to be willing to go more and more rural.  There are plenty of gorgeous rural neighborhoods in the Roaring Fork Valley and the Crystal Valley.

 You may need to come to grips with a wood burning stove.  For this, you may need a wood splitter.  You need three sizes of logs–all of which need to be short enough to fit in the stove.  Kindling, small logs, and big logs.  

Next, you need a place to store these outside free from snow.  Try covering them with a tarp.  Then you need a neat place for them inside by the fireplace.  Finally, you need your system of how you carry the wood from the outdoor to the indoor storage.  

Remember, only cut down a tree if you’re sure its dead, its on your property, or you have permission from the property owner. 

I love the look and feel of my wood burning stove.  On the downside, my living room is cozy while the extremities of the home remain cold.  

This reminds me that firestarters are great for emergency kits for the car.  I use the wax ones because they are small.  You can also take laundry dryer lint, put it in a toilet roll and wrap it in wax paper.  

Heed all the fire warnings about outdoor fires in the summertime.  Only you can prevent forest fires. 

If you have a cabin you want to rent out to someone who can figure out a wood burning stove, I can find your renter! 

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For an environmentally conscious article that details the impacts of all kinds of wood burning stoves, see this article. 


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