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the Lease Agreement

People familiar with the Roaring Fork Valley housing situation will find these details no surprise, so this article is for people thinking, oh I’ll just go work in Aspen without securing housing  beforehand. Part of the reason that rentals are hard to come by, is the housing shortage in general. 

Another thing to consider is your pets.  When it was harder to come by a renter, a pet here or there had been allowed.  But with fierce competition for limited rentals, landlords can be choosy and choose not to let your pet damage their investment. 

I recently rented out a home in Carbondale and I was flooded with inquiries and showing requests.  Ultimately I chose among these criteria, first who had no pets, second who was the quickest to follow all of the directions including proving their financial solvency. 

In the world of real estate sales, it makes perfect sense to require proof of financial preapproval before consenting to a showing.  In the world of renting, a lot of people wanted to tour the home without showing their financial credentials to rent.  I found this a bit contradictory.  In times of covid, we can’t be granting showings without proving met criteria, in order to protect ourselves, the current renters and the property. 

Read my article on being ready as a renter. 

If you want more evidence of the difficulty of finding rentals, you can read this article from last year.  Understanding the Housing Shortage in the Roaring Fork Valley. 

Greater Roaring Fork Regional Housing Study – April 1 2019

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The Colorado Association of Realtors explains the 2021 new rules for Landlords and Property Managers. 

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