Stripe Payments

I chose Stripe as a payment platform because I wanted the capability of accepting online payments on a WordPress website, but I also wanted the ability to pay out to others. Stripe is used to pay occasional workers in the sharing economy, like Lfyt drivers. But the very concept of property management calls for monthly payouts to owner-clients. Its a system where the renter pays in, management fees and any approved maintenance costs are subtracted, and the balance is paid out.

With WooCommerce integration, prospective tenants pay their application directly on the website, or with a chip reader on my ipad.

With Zero Integration, detailing the transaction in each property’s escrow account, any landlord account, as well as a separate security deposit escrow account, has never been easier. And Stripe complies with the spirit of escrow, since transactions are refundable. Stripe and Zero give me the capability of complying with the spirit of real estate law, which is to keep each party’s monies completely separate, and all transactions accounted for.

Stripe helps me accept payments and pay my property owners, no matter where my clients are.