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Relocate to Colorado for the Sunshine

Is it true that Colorado experiences 300 days of sunshine a year or not? It doesn’t matter because it sure does feel like it. 

Read about the positive health consequences of sunshine. 

If you are relocating to western Colorado you have made an excellent choice for your lifestyle. 

Proximity to camping, mountain biking, hiking,  rafting, skiing and living near rivers and mountains, It’s all good for the spirit. 

There’s even a whole genre of literature about people wondering if the perfectness of nature inspires us to greater moral perfection. 

Not sure, but I am sure that mountains educate. 

I went to a Farmer’s Almanac online to see how many days of sunshine, but instead I got all kinds of other information. The next full moon is the Beaver Moon at the end of November. 

Farmer’s Almanac needs to be a paperback. Whenever someone says “what did you grow up with that today’s generation may not understand”? a farmer’s almanac always comes to mind. 

Ok kids, before television, professional meterology, apps, satellites, we had these guys called farmers who jotted down the weather in a notebook, and then compiled many years into one book.  If it snowed the first weekend of March every year, its probably going to snow this first weekend of March. 

Just like when a very old man living in a cabin outside of Leadville passed on. And he dedicated his life to journaling snowfall and these kids are like what are these journals, what was he doing? He was creating the snow outside of Leadville Farmer’s Almanac! 

To find out the weather, I usually go to

To find out conditions in Colorado, I like the Colorado Department of Transportation’s website. 

To find out how the weather has impacted in the roads in the Roaring Fork Valley, join the facebook group Roaring Fork Road and Weather. 

If you’re relocating to Colorado you may want to read this book Colorado a History of the Centennial State

Sojourners relocating to Colorado may also want to check out The Prehistory of Colorado and Adjacent Areas if you’re interested in the rich archeology in the area. 

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