Quickbooks Online

There are a couple of things I like about quickbooks. I send out invoices and my clients can pay online. Although the address they send from goes to people’s spam folders sometimes. I know how to use it, although the client experience is not that great. The pdf is supposed to be attached and the invoice has details on it that my clients somehow don’t see.

I use quickbooks online for llcs and s-corps.

I plan to use zero for my property management clients, but I also see how property management can be done with quickbooks. If you have a preference as to which software I use to manage your property, let me know.

I also have experience with quickbooks payroll.

I don’t use quickbooks for estimates, I use Business Manager 365 and or Adobe Sign. I don’t like the CRM because the contact fields do not exactly match my needs, and I do not use the AP function of it.

I am using Business Manager 365 and this is where I track employee time, create tickets, and estimates, as well as store documents. These two will sync Business Manager and Quickbooks and that will be nice for speeding up the billing process- a completed ticket becomes an invoice.