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What is your favorite maps app?

Ok everyone has them, so what are your preferences?  When I’m driving, its definitely google maps. 

You can download google street view on the apple app store here. 

Here’s an article on how to explore google street view on an android device. 

There’s also a map app called Waze, see the apple device download here

When I’m out in he forest or BLM I like On X Hunt so I know when I’m on the border of private property. 

Avenza maps seem to have a lot of public lands on them.  

All Trails, Trail link, are several, and others can trace your route. 

Aspen has an app, Aspen the ski resort has an app, and there’s Aspen Trail Finder which is highly recommended.

The Downtowner is a curious way to get around Aspen.  

The United States Forest Service has maps available on mobile devices.

and BLM has an interactive map of Colorado

The options for White River National Forest maps are here

There’s a Public Lands app 

and a app 

There’s a myColorado app

My least favorite thing about apps is making sure they’re not tracking me when I’m not using them. 

The funny thing about public lands is that most of these apps don’t work when you’re actually on the trail, since there’s no cell service. 

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