Business Manager 365

I chose to implement this solution for Win-Sum, Inc, All Season Property Maintenance when I was looking for a CRM where I could send and receive documents from vendors, employees and clients, and then store those documents with the client, vendor or employee information. Business Manager 365 made sense to me as a one stop shop in terms of workflow. It offered me some tools to use with employees that made time and task tracking easier.

I needed a scheduling program that I could run data out of, to figure out how many accounts per day were optimal, to plan how many hours were probable for employees.

I’m looking forward to the fleet management feature coming out soon, so that maintenance calendars on our numerous vehicles and machines are not forgotten.

I’m looking forward to the employee responsibility in placing feedback into the system in a way that speeds up communication and documents any unusual incidents.

I realized that running a Property Management company would not be so daunting since I have employee management, and the ability to create tickets for tasks.

Any task I would allocate to another I can put into the business manager, and then I have a way of task and time tracking employees, the same system with various businesses.

Business Manager works with all of the Microsoft 365 applications I was already using. And its fully customizable. Its my scheduling app, CRM, payroll app, compliance app, vendor tracking app so I always get my clients the paperwork they need, how they need it.

Finally, quickbooks integration is coming soon so my completed tickets or tasks can be fed into invoices saving me tons of data entry time and letting our skilled labor input the invoice directly as they have finished it. No more complicated communication about what happened or how long it took.