• Colorado Mountain Lake Fishing Colorado Mountain Lake Fishing

    Colorado mountain lake fishing is one of the special treats of summer, that gets even better in the fall.   This picture reminds me of all of the high mountain lakes I did and didn’t visit in the last few months. 

    I want to return to them all right now to see them in their colors.  The proximity to high mountain lakes is one of the awesome features of the Roaring Fork Valley and Western Slope. 

    There’s nothing like sitting in the stillness to reflect on one’s values.  Read the Keller Williams values here. 

    So here it is, an article on beautiful high mountain lakes, but Colorado merits its own article. 

    Out There Colorado wrote one. Check it out! 

    Did you see where the CPW is using airdrops to stock high alpine lakes with fish? Read about it here. 

    These lakes are not the ones in the counties I serve. I serve Pitkin, a bit of Gunnison, Garfield, and some of Mesa counties. 

    Have you seen the fish identification article by CPW?  Read it here.  

    These are two of my favorite quotes about fishing 

    Calling fishing a hobby is like calling brain surgery a job.
    -Paul Schullery

    “So lovely was the loneliness of a wild lake”  -Edgar Allen Poe 

    Colorado Mountain lake fishing is better with a great map.  These are the CPW’s fishing maps

    To conclude, looking at the water invites reflections on values, fishing is a teacher of patience, and a reason to be together not talking.  Geez this makes the Roaring Fork Valley, the Crystal Valley and the Western Slope a phenomenal place to drop a line. “The best time to go fishing is when you can get away.” 

    If you have a property you need managed because you’d rather be fishing, get in touch here. 

  • residential lease agreement Tips for Renting-Get the Residential Lease Agreement

    A great residential lease agreement is the foundation of feeling great about where you live.  

    What are the residential rentals available near me? is a question that every newcomer to the area, and person who hasn’t moved in awhile, asks themselves. 

    So let’s get started with where to look for available rentals 

    Craigslist Western Slope

    Hot Pads


    Roaring Fork Rentals and Roommates

    Aspen Snowmass Rentals and Roommates

    Rifle Area Rentals

    Rentals available now can be competitive so have a copy of a recent credit report with a date, or be prepared for the property manager to run a credit report. Low credit scores that can be explained aren’t a deal killer necessarily, but a good property manager is protecting the landlord. 

    Next be prepared with a list of current or recent work and landlord references. Write an email and save to drafts so its ready to go.  Residential lease agreements also require the name you prefer, as well as previous names used. 

    Finally, be ready to pay a small application fee.  It helps the property manager know who is serious and who is not. 

    For sellers of real estate its the mortgage lender who has to provide the evidence of affordability.  Landlords ought to take similar precautions. 

    Your property manager will write the residential lease agreement, arrange vendor services in case of something broken, and hold your security deposit in escrow. 

    Clearly written agreements protect everyone in uncertain times. 

    Good luck with finding the right rental for you! Contact Laura for more information or make an appointment!